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This FREE Black Swan Wednesday offering comes from Breath of Voavah, a new release from Prem Joshua

Inspired by Voavah in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this collection captures the soul of one of the world’s most pristine locations. Melodies whisper the secrets of the Indian Ocean while honeyed harmonies trace nature’s subtlest and most sublime features – from the ripple of a fish in the lagoon to a fl ash of sunlight between swaying palms.

Born out of Prem’s own experiences and his special brand of East West fusion this music will leave you tingling from your ears to your toes.

This week's FREE song "James Baba" is a rhythmic delight with funky beats on sitar, flute, keyboards and vocals.

We hope you enjoy this FREE song. As always, thanks for listening. If you like what you’re hearing, please spread the word and help support the art you want to see in the world.

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New video from Manish Vyas for his new CD Sahaj Atma: Mantras that Illuminate the Soul.

New Release

Looking For Music For Your Yoga Class?  This Playlist Is For You.

Read this article on Yoga International and access a 75-minute playlist on Spotify "Best Yoga Music of 2016" curated by Parmita Pushman founder of White Swan Records.

 Digital-Only Release

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Savasana Yoga Music: Healing Guitar for Massage, Sleep and Yoga Nidra

by Stevin McNamara

With this, his eighth solo album, Savasana Yoga Music, Stevin McNamara continues his musical journey, inspired by the classical music of North India and the ancient sound traditions of the Vedic yogis.

The full program of twenty musical pieces is over two hours long and is selected from Stevin’s favorite compositions from the last 15 years, along with several unreleased compositions, presented in a new and unique form, and accompanied by beautiful, healing beds of sound created by renowned sound healer and master drummer Christo Pellani.

This organic music takes us into peaceful and relaxing spaces - a musical bridge into the dream state and beyond, leaving us with the feeling of rest in nature and connecting us to a higher state of awareness. The combination of all-natural, acoustic and non-computerized sound creates a fresh and deep musical landscape for relaxation, savasana, yoga nidra, meditation, contemplation, restful sleep and more.

Most pieces are based on traditional Indian ragas (“that which colors the mind") in the Alap style -- where melody is explored without rhythm, although some have a natural rhythm — but they are performed in a way that is easily accessed by the western ear.

  Enjoy this video and mantra: "Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu."  - translates as:  May all beings in the world find peace! By Deva Premal and Miten.

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What's New

Re.Generations by Liquid Bloom

With Re.Generations, producer Amani Friend re-envisions his Liquid Bloom music into a fresh immersive experience of spiritual wanderlust. The album dances the listener across eclectic soundscapes, drawing on Peruvian ritual songs, Persian flute, Spanish flavors, classical cello, nature spaces, and lyrical meditative guidance.

Innovative collaborations with artists Poranguí, Deya Dova, Arsen Petrosyan, Numatik and many others seamlessly, soulfully transport you to healing, to feel a primal connection to Earth - and be inspired to dance, meditate, practice yoga, do shamanic ceremony, or be creative in any number of ways.

Nourish your soul with some of the world's most sacred sounds.

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Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

UMA by Mercedes Bahleda

Uma features singer Mercedes Bahleda and composer Ferenz Kallos offering of Indian chants, Tibetan prayers, and the secret Jesus Mantra. Cradled by the lush strings of cello and violin, Mercedes’ heartbreaking vocals evoke an ancient time. Opera singer Jenna Karl guests on a 20-minute sadhana, Om Shanti, rich with airy flutes, deep strings and rolling harmonies over the steady drum of a heartbeat – opening a landscape of hope through this grand prayer of peace.

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

Secret of Love by Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas was born in the state of Gujarat in India, and grew up in a family of musicians.  His childhood was immersed in a unique atmosphere of joyful dance along with meditation and spirituality – with music ever-present in his family’s daily life.  It has remained a major part of his life ever since, as the prolific artist reveals and re-imagines the spiritual heart of his native India with each new work.  

His new album Secret of Love is inspired by the mystery and the varied hues of love in its many forms.  It traverses a vibrant spectrum of emotions and feelings – from sentimentally romantic to wistfully nostalgic, from quietly contemplative to joyful and dancing – with each unfolding in its fullest expression and manifested from the same source: love.

Such emotional breadth is conveyed in seven finely-crafted tracks, including six original compositions paying tribute to love.  Throughout, Manish Vyas’ warm yet powerful voice is framed by such traditional Indian instruments as the santoor, sarangi, dholak, tabla, and bansuri flute as well as by violin, keyboards, bass, drums, electric piano and subtle programming.  Spirited choral background vocals by four talented singers contribute to the richly lush soundscape. In Vyas’ music, a mix of styles is carefully melded, with elements of popular Indian folk music, Sufi qawwali influences and ghazal evoking an exotic sense of romance in a magical setting.  The new album was recorded in Pune, Rajkot and Mumbai in India, and mixed and mastered in Germany.  

Manish Vyas’ music touches people of diverse ages and cultures.  His path is freedom, resulting in a constant innovation and reinvention of musical forms and styles over his productive career, with an openness to experiment with and re-create his music with versatility and originality.

A composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Manish was first a notably talented tabla player and a student and disciple of India’s esteemed late master percussionist Usted Allarakha.  Later on, Vyas added his own distinctive voice to the music and also learned to play santoor, the ancient stringed instrument traditionally used in the shimmering folk music of Kashmir.  His frequent collaborations with musicians of different backgrounds have taken Manish to share his music far and wide outside of India.  His collaborators have included western devotional music superstars Prem Joshua, Snatam Kaur and Deva Premal, but his own solo work pushes boundaries beyond the mantra and new age genres and into the broad realm of global world music.  White Swan Records is proud to release Secret of Love on May 6, 2016

“The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love.” - Hafiz

Regular Price: $16.99 :: Order Here

Temple At Midnight by by Miten

Temple At Midnight is a soulful, no-frills, all-acoustic tale of love and redemption. From his hedonistic days in London's rock scene to a voyage of self-discovery in mystic India, Miten returns with a clear head, a great album, and devoted heart.

From the steady flowing gospel groove of River Man; the Zen blues of No Goal But This; the mellow, reflective One Step At A Time and Exactly As It Is (featuring Deva Premal), to the rays of moonlight illuminating the Rumi-inspired lyrics of All Is Welcome Here, Miten pays homage to a life lived fully and without compromise. He even adds, for good measure, a personal, hauntingly poignant rendition of the Beatles classic, Norwegian Wood.

Temple at Midnight gives a voice to our intimate inner spaces, with songs that welcome us however they find us, sharing our fears, celebrating our joys and, through it all, reminding us of “the silence gently growing.”

Watch the video below featuring River Man from Miten's beautiful new collection of songs, Temple at Midnight.

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And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”

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